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Are certain ESA species better suited to different mental health issues
Man is a social animal. This is the statement that we all have heard and read in our books ever since when we were a kid. And of course, we all know he is not a literal animal, just very close to them. Being a social animal means relationships, emotional attachments and interactions with other creatures on earth to live at peace and harmony is the basic need of a human body. They cannot live in isolation


With the fast and furious world today, every living soul is trapped in its circle of hell, either due to their work, education, or business. People could not even take some time out of their life to live a moment of happiness with their family and their loved ones. That is the point when most of the people attacked by loneliness and stress, often become depression patients.

Depression is such a common and severe cause of mental health deterioration in the modern world and unfortunately, it cannot be cured with only medicines. Human availability matters the most. In any such severe mental health circumstances, usually, mental health officials then approve people to keep an ESA and get rid of these issues.

ESA is known as an emotional support animal. These animals are not specially trained animals to perform certain tasks just like service dogs. However, these are the animals that can provide comfort and happiness to their owners just by their existence and cute little pretty faces. ESA either a dog or a cat makes up the best of the friends for their human people around and their owners especially. All you need to do is get an ESA, consult your psychiatrist or any other online website to get your realesaletter, and enjoy your days with your animal best friend.

ESA is a great help for people who do not find themselves emotionally fit and stable to face the outer world. These animals provide them courage and become a source for these humans to interact with other humans around, instead of just hiding in their bed all day every day. This is one of the interesting and most comfortable perks of getting an ESA, you do not get restricted from keeping your dog with you anywhere. All you need to do is show your emotional support animal letter to the respective authorities and they have no right to stop you from keeping your support animal with you. Because otherwise, it is mentioned in the letter that without your ESA you would be able to function for your daily life activities properly.

It is generally questioned what species are good for some specific mental health issue. Or are there any special animal species that are specified for any specified category of mental disease for people? The answer to this question might depend on the animal. There are certain animals whose size and species do not matter however, their behavior and temperament are the most important elements based on which they are preferred to be kept with people having certain specific mental health diseases.

ESA dogs are the most common and generally preferred form of emotional support animals that are kept with people having mental health issues. Dogs are generally considered as a faithful companion that never leaves the side of its owner and always sticks around as compared to any other animal. Specifically, in dogs, especially mixed breed dogs certain categories are preferred due to certain reasons.

For example, if there is a person with a mental health issue PTSD, known as Post Traumatic Syndrome disease. If they are assigned to have an ESA with them, they must need a more comforting creature with less hyperactivity and calm nature to provide them peace and comfort and stay around at all costs. As compared to PTSD patients, if a person is already attacked with severe anxiety, loneliness, or depression due to social anxiety. Such humans would prefer a different breed of an animal or dog to stick around to them.

Sugar Gliders and hedgehogs are the most preferred and friendly and cute, pretty, fluffy dogs that can accompany their owners anywhere at any time. They do not have size and accommodation issues. Fun fact, you can even carry them in your bag or pouch, which can make their presence less attention-seeking as well. Similar is the case with cats. These animals with their developed attachments and the qualities of never leaving their owner felt alone, provides them with a sense of responsibility in their life. These behaviors get these patients, either infected with depression, anxiety, PTSD or any other disease, back to life with some mental health and happiness in their life because of these fluffy creatures.

If you have a plan to adopt a cat or a dog or any other creature, you feel suits you and fits according to your personality. You can adapt it and consult your relevant physician to get an ESA letter for housing, so that the housing authorities may not get interrupted in your mental health care issues.

Dogs and cats have several breeds that can purely work as an ESA as compared to other creatures and other species. It would be very interesting to find your spirit animal, love them, take them on walks, talk to them, and rant whatever you want. Because they won't be judging you, replying to you, or irritate you at any cost. Let's not wait anymore and get your real esa letter as soon as possible!

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